Sherri Valance Interview Questions?�Could you please give me some Q&A's to use in an interview.please and thank you

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hilahmarca eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I don't have much respect for Ms. Valance.  I would ask her some hard hitting questions.

1.  Don't you feel you are playing both sides in this situation being that you refuse to see Johnny at the hospital yet you are acting as a spy for the Greasers?

2. Why did you get in the car with Bob when you knew he was drunk and acting violent?

3.  I assume Bob dropped you off after picking you up and taking you away from Ponyboy and the Greasers.  Didn't you have some suspicion that Bob was angry and vengeful enough to go looking for them?  And if so why didn't you call the cops or do something to try to stop them?

4.  Do you feel guilty or take the blame for Bob and/or Johnny's death?

5.  Did you know Bob beat up innocent kids on the street or did you choose to remain blissfully ignorant?

6.  Why do you have the courage to stand up to Dally and throw a Coke in his face, but you let Bob continuously disrespect you, yet you don't break up with him?

7.  By the end of Ponyboy's book, I see no personal growth in your character.  Can you argue against this statement?

8.  How did you feel when Dally died and now that the two biggest bad boys in Tulsa are dead, who do you plan to pursue next?

9.  It is a hobby of yours to lead young, naive Greasers along and then at the end of the night give them callous and pretentious farewell lines such as, "If you see me at school and I don't say hi, don't take it personal"?  If not, why did you do it with Ponyboy?

10.  You seem to think you really had it figured out about how the Greasers and Socs are different when you said the Socs are void of feeling and the Greasers feel too much.  Do you really feel you are qualified to make that statement?  How many Greasers besides Ponyboy have you ever gotten the time to get to know?  And are you stereotyping your social class as a bunch of emotionless, spoiled bores?  Or could it be that you are one of the few vapid ones among a group of privileged but for the most part nice, intelligent, and interesting teens.

I'd really like to see Cherry V. field those questions.

tpisano eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are so many questions that you could ask Sherri Valance. 

1. How do you feel about Ponyboy Curtis?

2. Why are the greasers and the Socials always fighting? Was there anything in particular that Johnny and Ponyboy were fighting over with Bob?

3. Where were you on the night in question?

4. What were you doing with greasers at the movies?

5. Were Bob and his friends drinking on the night of the murder?


tpisano eNotes educator| Certified Educator

6. Do you think the fighting will ever end?

7. Why do you say things that you do not believe in "just to have something to say."?

8. Why did you stop watching sunsets?

9. Do you think you could ever really be friends with Ponyboy Curtis? any of the other Greasers?

ask996 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would ask Sherry "Ms. Valance. You've told us that you don't really like gangs. You don't accept that this is how they have to live. However, you keep gravitating to the "bad boys." Could you explain why? Do you think actions speak louder than words, and what do your actions say?"

jclark23 | Student

can you guys answer the first 9 questions please, (tpisano's Questions not hilahmarca)

iget1biglolo | Student


  Yes, I think I could be friends when ponyboy. I think this becuase I could relate to him and his ways.