Shelly is a Romantic poet but his beliefs differ from those of other Romantic poets. Comment with examples?

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Shelley followed much in way of Romantic tendencies in his work.  Yet, I also believe that there were some distinctly different elements in his writing.  Whereas thinkers like Byron and Wordsworth were animated by the expression of Romanticism in the present, there was often a condition of the future tense invoked in Shelley's writing.  He is concerned with his place in poetry, how he will be perceived, and how art has the capacity to last longer than more human endeavors.  For example, in the poem "Ozymandias," the theme is to explore the immortality of human deeds and actions.  While the individual will be reduced to dust and ashes, the question that emerges is what does last.  In "Ode to the West Wind," the probing issue throughout the poem is how Shelley, as a poet, will gain immortality and how will his work live on even when he does not.

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