"She's my rabbit's foot". Who is the speaker of this quote from "The Emperor Jones", and who is 'she'? Why does the speaker say so?

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Once a "murderin' nigger ole Lem" [ a native chief] was hired to kill Brutus Jones, but it so happens that he misses and fails to shoot Jones, who in turn kills him instantly. From then on Jones spread a rumour that he has "a charm so's no lead bullet" can kill him and that he is so strong that only a silver bullet can kill him.  Jones said this knowing fully well that it would be next to impossible for the native islanders to get a silver bullet. From then on all the gullible "bush niggers" began to worship Jones considering him to be "a miracle out o' de Bible."

Jones secures his position  further by telling the natives that he has moulded a silver bullet for himself. He tells the natives that he is  so powerful that only he and no one else can kill him, and that at the appropriate time he would shoot  himself with the silver bullet.

Jones  removes the silver bullet from the revolver and shows it to Smithers the cockney trader, "five lead an' dis silver baby at de last." Smithers tries to touch the silver bullet but Jones doesn't allow him to and  remarks, "On'y I ain't 'lowin' nary body to touch dis baby. She's my rabbit foot."

The silver bullet is the 'rabbit foot' and it means a lucky charm. Jones knows fully well that soon the natives will find out the truth and  he tells Smithers that once that happens he will "make his getaway." Sc1.