Shapespeare uses both poetry and prose for his characters speeches. Locate instances of change from one to the other and discuss the effect of change.

Expert Answers
mikkiblack eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Here are some tips for addressing this writing prompt:

  1. Consider who is speaking.  Is s/he a commoner or a member of the nobility?  The Duke speaks differently from Cassio, for example.
  2. What is the subject matter of the lines?  Is Iago plotting and up to no good or are Othello and Desdemona professing their love?
  3. Look for integrated sonnets: Shakespeare often uses these for introductory purposes or for expressions of love within his plays.
  4. You might also look at who is being spoken to.  Iago speaks differently to Othello than he does to Roderigo.  With Roderigo, he is repetitve and simplistic; with Othello, respectful.  This can often be represented in Shakespeare's choice of poetry or prose.

Good luck with your prompt!