Shakira - the recent Cleopatra ok, so a friend of mine says that her sister has carried on wid this research for ages, and she found out that Shakira is the soul of Cleopatra.LOLI know this is hilarious!!Any comments??

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I would suppose it depends on your background and religion whether you would put any belief into such a claim.  I am a Christian, my Bible speaks of souls being separate, individual entities that will, upon death of the physical body, either ascend to be with God in Heaven or descend to be with Satan in hell.  From what I understand, there is no "recycling" of souls into people of today.

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Cleopatra must have done something wrong in past lives to descend to that point.  Before, she was a queen and had immense power in her country.  Now she's just a singer...

I wonder how one researches who someone was in a past life.

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