shakesphere has struck a fine balence of love,romance and comedy in as you like it.bring out the truth of the statement

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Nice question Devesh! Indeed Shakespeare has moulded an excellent play, in the form of As You Like It. The themes of love, romance, sacrifice, bawdy innuendo and comedy have been brought forth in the most marvellous manner possible.

Shakespeare chose his characters very wisely. Oliver and Orlando were made the reflections of Duke Fredrick and Duke Senior respectively. Both, Oliver and Orlando, have found girls to play romance about, with Orlando reaching the pinnacle of love. The pompous aroma of the court with the wintry dullness of the Forest of Arden has very well been balanced. Touchstone is chosen to mock everyone - his lover as well as other characters. On the flip side, Jaques is chosen to moralize on each an every matter. The pasture life has also been given a realistic approach using Silvius, Corin, William and Phebe. Last, but not the least, the game of "Love at first sight" as also been brought about.

As You Like It is truly a marvellous play by William Shakespeare.

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