In Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, what are the similarities and differences between Romeo and Paris?

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Romeo and Paris are similar in a great many ways. Both men are presented as potentially adequate suitors for Juliet; both are handsome and well-groomed. They both are of prominent social status, well-connected politically, and have wealth either personally or through their families. While both tend to display streaks of self-absorption and conceitedness, they are also both ultimately men of good character and integrity who prefer the pleasures of love to physical conflict. In fact, both men eschew violence, with Romeo in particular admonishing his cohorts when they seek to fight members of the Capulet family. Unfortunately, both men also meet their ends in the story.

However, Shakespeare also is keen to show the differences between these two men. Their age is of consequence with twenty-five-year-old Paris being nine years teen Romeo’s senior (an even greater disparity at that time when people had shorter life spans). In addition, the disparity in their emotional maturity seems almost a...

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