In Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice, how does Antonio describe his sad mood in Act 1, Scene 1? 

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In Act 1, Scene 1, Antonio is in a depressed mood and his two friends begin to wonder why he is so upset. Antonio says that he doesn't know why he is in such a depressed mood, but feels extremely tired and confused. Antonio tries to think about how he became so upset, but cannot seem to understand why he is in such a terrible mood. He tells Salerio and Solanio that he feels so muddled and cannot seem to think clearly. When both Salerio and Solanio suggest that he is upset because his merchandise is out at sea in treacherous waters, Antonio denies the assumption that he is upset about his ships and investments. Antonio also denies Solanio's assumption that he is in love. Antonio then laments to Gratiano that he was destined to play a sad role in life. Similar to his friends, Antonio also seems to be confused about the cause of his depressed mood.

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