In Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, which rhetorical devices does Antony use in his funeral speech for Caesar?

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Antony uses a rich variety of rhetorical devices to make a powerful and effective speech. The ones I list here are used not only in his initial address, but throughout his other disquisitions to the crowd as well.

Repetition and anaphora:

Friends, Romans, countrymen,

Instead of using just any one of the three forms of address, Antony uses all three at once. This affirms not only his kinsmanship but also his loyalty and faith in those whom he speaks to. It is a powerful tool and is also referred to as 'the power of three.' The repetition immediately grabs the restless crowds' attention and affirms his position as a friend and a leader.

The repetition is also aptly employed in his consistent referral to Brutus and the other conspirators as 'honourable.'

Synecdoche: A part of something which is used to refer to the whole

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Antony uses repetition in word like "ambition" and "honorable "

Also uses emotion appeal when he uses theatrical devices such as talking a dramatic pause before he continued