Shakespeare's Hamlet deals a lot with plotting and scheming. Who sets these plans in motion and to what ends? 

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Claudius does quite a bit of scheming in Hamlet and he sets the plot in motion by murdering Hamlet's father and then working to get rid of Hamlet, but Hamlet himself also is great schemer. For all that Hamlet tells Horatio there's more to the universe that mere empirical science (which he calls philosophy), he himself is careful and scientific about testing the hypothesis that the ghost he met is actually his father and not a spirit sent by Satan to tempt him to murder an innocent man. Hamlet wants to find signs of guilt in Claudius to confirm he is a murderer. To do this, Hamlet has the players (actors) who come to court put on a play called The Mousetrap in which they enact in pantomime the murder the ghost describes. When Hamlet sees Claudius's frightened reaction, he knows the ghost has told him the truth.

Hamlet also...

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