In Shakespeare's Hamlet, Act Four Scene Seven; what does this scene reveal to us about Claudius' people skills and his man-management tactics?

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Claudius is a brilliant tactician when it comes to getting people to do what he wants without them even realizing that they are being manipulated.  This is very evident in Act 4, Scene 7.  Earlier in the Act Laertes storms into the room and demands vengence on Claudius and Hamlet for the death of the his father.  He is angry that Claudius didn't do something to keep Hamlet in check, especially since he is acting crazy.  He vows vengence at all costs.  It doesn't take but a short conversation for Claudius to calm Laertes down and pin all the fault on Hamlet, and excusing his own choices.  When Ophelia comes into the room and has clearly lost her mind, Laertes in riled up again, but Claudius calms him down again.

At the start of Scene 7 he tells Laertesto "put me in your heart for friend."  By strengthening the closeness of the relationship, it makes Laertes more easy to...

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