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by William Shakespeare

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Shakespeare uses a number of basic elements of tragedy in Romeo and Juliet, two of which include comic relief and a revenge motive. I need an example of each from Romeo and Juliet.   

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In Romeo and Juliet there are many elements of tragedy found throughout the play.  Comic relief is used when the author wants to postpone the climax of the story.  He/she will add comic relief within a scene in order to add suspense.  In Romeo and Juliet the Nurse adds a lot of comic relief.  In the scene where she goes to find Romeo to tell him the message from Juliet, we have a moment of comedy when she and her servant, Peter, approach.  The Nurse’s headgear begins to blow in the breeze and Mercutio begins to yell lewd comments.  Romeo and his crew harass the Nurse for awhile, even joined in by Peter, until Romeo realizes who she is and why she is there.  A unique example of the revenge motive is at the end of the play when Romeo decides to end his life.   He is seeking revenge against all who keep him and Juliet apart.  It fits all of the criteria for a revenge motive.

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Many of Shakespeare's tragedies include the use of...

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