Is Shakespeare popular throughout the world or only in Pakistan?

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durbanville eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Shakespeare is able to transcend not only countries and continents but also centuries. Although, today's young people maintain that Shakespeare holds no relevance for them and studying Shakespeare is a waste of time, they overlook the very real situations that were relevant in the sixteenth and early seventeenth century and are still causing conflict or settling disputes even today.

Similarly, from a worldwide perspective, cultures are very critical in identifying heritage and nations cling to their culture as the world, being a "global village" may otherwise discard or forget differences in establishing similarities. Nations strive to be different but , in many instances, people want the same things. Hence, Shakespeare's themes and the motives of many of his characters still ring true today - across all cultures, allowing a seemingly English cultural classic to bring various cultures together without compromising them. Tyrants, love triangles, manipulative fiends, spirits and the supernatural, revenge, indecision, religious differences - these are all present across cultural boundaries.

Adaptations of Shakespeare and language interpretations often add interesting elements to his works which have been translated into many languages. This interpretation allows for Shakespeare's works to find popularity on the world stage.   

louispt | Student

It's very amusing as an Australian reading this as shakespeare is one of the most important playwrights we study here and i am aware this is true almost everywhere around the world. Shakespeare was originally English and so he would certainly be popular there and I have seen french translations of Shakespeare and Europeans would definately be very ascociated with this famous and brilliant playwright William Shakespeare.

I really hope this helped, if you need help with any other English message me or ask on this site as I am very willing to contribute long and detailed interesting answers with examples and so-on.