Shakespeare makes fun of our tendency to cover our real selves. What does all this pretending suggest about the kind of people we are and the kind of society we have created?

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That's an interesting question!  Some points about American society you may want to consider in that question are:

* We've created beauty pageants where the candidates have to pretend to be perfect "girls next door" who are smart, pretty, and nice.  But often this leads them down dark paths from trying to hold that up.

* We expect politicians to not just uphold their campaign promises and general party lines, but also to be perfect morally.  This too leads them down into depravity.

* People on reality shows are constantly saying that how they are portrayed on tv isn't how they are in real life.  But then how is that reality?

* Between blogs, facebook, gossip magazines, reality tv, gossipgirl, twitter, etc., etc. we've become a "surveillance" based society.  So many people act as if the paparazzi is watching their every move, even if they're not famous.

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