Shakespeare fills this play with an abundance of juxtapositions (,reality/fiction, Laertes/Hamlet,ets) How many you can list on these contrasts?

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Okay, here goes:

  • Hamlet Sr. vs. Hamlet Jr.
  • Brother (old king) vs. brother (new king)
  • Murdered father (Old Fortinbras) vs. murdered father (Hamlet Sr.)
  • Avenging son (Hamlet) vs. Avenging son (Young Fortinbras) vs. Avenging son (Laertes)
  • Friend (Hamlet) vs. Friend (Horatio)
  • Nobleman (Hamlet) vs. Nobleman (Laertes)
  • Indistinguishable friend (Rosencrantz) vs. Indistinguishable friend (Guildenstern)
  • Family (Hamlets) vs. Family (Polonias) vs. Family (Fortinbras)
  • Adultery (Claudius-Gertrude) vs. Incest (same)
  • Bad relationship (Hamlet Sr.-Gertrude) vs. bad relationship (Hamlet-Ophelia)
  • Play vs. Play within a play
  • To be vs. not to be
  • Supernatural (ghost) vs. natural (Hamlet) vs. unnatural (Claudius)
  • Christianity (forgiveness) vs. paganism (revenge)
  • Sexuality vs. chastity (get thee to a nunnery)
  • Revenge vs. Leave her to heaven
  • Solid flesh vs. sullied flesh
  • silent interview vs. closet interview
  • Language vs. thought vs. action
  • appearance vs. reality
  • Spying vs. transparency
  • Madness vs. sanity
  • drama vs. metadrama
  • theatre vs. metatheatricality
  • individual vs. family vs. the nation
  • diseased body vs. diseased mind
  • Sight (blindness) vs. hearing (deafness)
  • existence vs. death
  • flowers vs. weeds
  • strength vs. frailty
  • heaven vs. purgatory vs. hell
  • fortune vs. fate vs. providence


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