Is shading the same as coloring? If you shade with a pencil the color that comes out and is visible is black—so is that coloring?

Expert Answers
mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Shading is done upon colors, developing them from their original hue to a darker version of the color; the basic color does not change, only its tone is altered.  For example, if the essential hue is red, by adding black or another dark color such as gray or brown, the the basic color of red is shaded and made to appear in a darker tone.  The opposite of shade is tint, which lightens the color by the use of white or yellow or something like light gray or tan. Shades and tint do not change the basic color; they merely change the tone, or value, of this color.

Shading is an effective technique for altering the appearance of things, often enhancing the dimensions and contrast of an object with other objects around it.  Some famous artists made great use of light and shade in their paintings.  Rembrandt, for instance, very effectively utilized a strong light from one direction on part a face, while the other part was darkly shaded.  Often, with this shading in portraits, Rembrandt was able to merge the physical and the spiritual. 

xjesstmx | Student

hmmm., I don't think so. Because shading you add more values. In colloring you are a filling a space with color, not necessarily values. I guess when you become accomplished at art, shading is coloring because you see that everything isn't just one block of color.

jyotsnajoy21 | Student

No shading is not the same as colouring because the shading with a pencil can be dark or light depending on the image. shading is use to depict levels of darkness depending on how the dark or light the object is.

arrellbelle | Student

I've never thought of shading to be like coloring, but I think I understand why you would think so. Since, coloring is just filling the blank space with colors like red, blue, and yellow. Whereas, shading would be almost the same thing. However, the technical definition of shading is applying force to your drawing instrument and getting different values, changing the color from light to dark depending on the amount of pressure applied.