Sexual Healing by Jill Nelson: What are the themes of this book? Setting? Rising action? Climax? Falling action? Resolution? I need serious help ASAP!!!

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Sexual Healing tells the story of best friends Lydia Beaucoup and Acey Allen, who find their current relationships (or lack thereof) unsatisfying. After an enjoyable chat about their ideal man, the two recognize a demand (sex with no strings attached) that many women share, and strike upon a solution: A Sister's Spaa brothel for black women, staffed by attractive black men. Their enterprise is threatened by gossip columnist Barbaralee and Reverend T. Terry Tiger, who seems prepared to lead a religious crusade against the spa.

Themes include race, gender, politics, sex, and religion (especially where our assumptions about all of those are concerned).

The novel begins in Oakland, California, where Lydia and Acey live; the spa, however, is set up in Reno, Nevada.

The rising action takes place when the hostile media and outraged conservative forces threaten to shut down the spa.

The climax occurs when the preacher's wife finds herself pregnant after a night with one of the spa's workers, and the two head off for Africa.

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