Should sex education be part of education? Support your answer.

Expert Answers

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This is an opinion question about which you'll have to decide what you believe. Many educators believe that sex education is needed in our school system. Research conducted by the School of Public Health at the University of Washington found that sex education reduced teen pregnancies for those who had comprehensive sex education. The same study showed that students who received comprehensive sex education were actually less likely to have sex compared to those who had abstinence-only sex education. 

Others believe that sex education has no place in schools. Many religious and conservative leaders believe that schools are not the place to discuss these elements of sexuality. Some people believe that these conversations should be had between a student and their parents. Additionally, sex education discusses gay, lesbian, and transgender issues, which some parents object to. 

This question should be answered with your opinion, but do not forgot to back up your opinion with facts. 

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