Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume

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setting:where and when did the story tales of a fourth grade nothing take place?

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Judy Blume’s classic novel Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing was published in 1972, and the settings are contemporary to that decade. However, because the settings are fairly basic, the novel has aged well with its school-aged readership.

The protagonist, Peter, lives with his parents and younger brother, nicknamed Fudge, in an apartment in New York City. Much of the action takes place inside their apartment, which isn’t very large. In one passage, Peter says, "We don't have a separate dining room. When we have company for dinner we eat in one end of the living room.''

Central Park is another setting in which the characters frequently find themselves, and Peter has favorite areas of the park where he likes to play. In one of the pivotal scenes in the book, Fudge decides to "fly" from the jungle gym at the playground in the park; as a result, he loses his front teeth.

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Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing was written in 1972 by popular children's novel author Judy Blume. Decades later, the novel is still popular and on many upper elementary school reading lists. Because of its current settings and topics, the novel has remained timeless with students. 

The story takes place in New York City where the main character's family lives in an apartment building. Peter Hatcher and his family are the focus of the novel and the settings are those places typical of family life. The family's adventures take place around New York City's schools, shopping and amusement locations.

The story takes place in a relatively current time. As evidence of this, a filming studio for a commercial is mentioned as one of the places the family finds themselves during the story. 

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