Setting and time period of One Crazy Summer?

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The setting of One Crazy Summer, by Rita Williams Garcia, begins in New York and quickly moves to Oakland, California.  Delphine, Vonetta, and Fern are travelling to Oakland to spend some time with their mother, Cecile.

Cecile abandoned them years earlier, but the girls want to spend some time with her anyway.  Their father believes it will be a good idea.  The girls, being from New York, think that because Oakland is in California that they are going to be right next door to Hollywood and Disneyland.  

That is not the case.  They spend their time in the worn-down slums of Oakland.  The time is the year is 1968, which puts the story right at what is considered the close of the civil rights movement. Knowing that date allows the reader to understand the author's focus on groups like the Black Panthers and on people like Malcolm X. 

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One Crazy Summer is a book written by Rita Williams-Garcia. The time period is in the late 1960s, specifically 1968. The book takes place in summer, where three African-American girls visit their mother Cecile, who abandoned them when they were younger, in Oakland, California. Several places that are often mentioned in the book include Cecile's house, where the girls are staying, and a place called The Center. The Black Panther organizes the Center, which acts as a daycare for the girls. The girls are also educated about the organization. Another location of importance is at the rally, which aims to free the founder of the Black Panther from prison.

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