A set of 8 scores 2 4 4 9 9 12 12 60 What will change if the score 60 is removed from the set?  Explain why

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It appears you are being asked to compare the mean, median, and mode of the two sets of numbers. In the set of eight scores you give, the mean, found by adding all the scores and dividing by eight, is 14. The median, or middle value when the numbers are put in increasing order, is nine. You have a tie for three modes, or numbers repeated most often - four, nine, and twelve. If you remove 60 from your set, the mean will change to approximately 7.43 (52 divided by 7).  The median would still be nine and the modes would also be unchanged.

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The mode will change because 60 will be added as a mode. The mean will also change because once added together and divided by 8 you will not get the same number as when you added and divided before the 60 was added.