For the Session-Long project, you will write an analysis of which application, PowerPoint or Prezi, would be best for giving a presentation to your colleagues about an anticipated equipment...

For the Session-Long project, you will write an analysis of which application, PowerPoint or Prezi, would be best for giving a presentation to your colleagues about an anticipated equipment upgrade.

Your analysis of  the presentation software should consider its usefulness as a tool, which will be used to address the concerns of those involved, and to tell them how the equipment upgrade will impact various their jobs, enhance productivity, increase income, and improve corporate finances.

  • Write three-four page Analysis
  • Address the scenario/situation
  • Determine which program/application would work best for the presentation of information
  • Include reasons for your choice. Why did you choose one program as opposed to another, for instance?

Cite any outside sources

Expert Answers
M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Enotes has a limit of characters per answer, so adding pages is not an option. We can, however, provide you the analysis that you need to enhance and help you complete your task.

The scenario is to compare and contrast the applicability of Powerpoint and Prezi as tools to present a recent change in equipment usage that will undoubtedly affect an organization in a) work description,  b) definition of the tasks,  c) usability,  d) budget,  e) productivity and many other areas.

The scenario also entails that the tool selected to create the presentation must prove to have the following variables:

  • V1-easy to be used by a number of different users
  • V2-simple enough to send a message in a way that everyone will understand it
  • V3-portable and convenient
  • V4-follows a flexible format
  • V5-uses least amount of memory/space
  • V6-representative of the information that it is about to convey (a serious, professional format)

This being said, lets compare what each tool offers and how it offers it.

V1- The PPT program can be found ubiquitously in nearly any office environment and computer. Its usage is taught even at the elementary school level, which makes it more than likely a familiar tool among office personnel.  Presi is an online program that can be reached online, is free, and basically explains itself throughout the process of usage. The directions for Prezi are very simple and appeal to almost any age group. 

V2- PPT and Prezi operate in the same way: they break down information into slides that must be summarized with concise and exact information. This being said, both serve the same purpose and they both promote the same goal of providing information in a way that can be easily understood.

V3- Powerpoint is a software program for which you need to purchase a license from Microsoft. The benefit of Powerpoint is that in the majority of office environments the purchase of the program is included and its presence in the system is almost guaranteed. Prezi, however, is a free online tool that can be reached at any time. Even if you do not have a license for PPT, anyone can get to Prezi and make a presentation. This is an advantage over PPT given that the latter must be had in order to be seen, either in full form or in "reader" form. This could be a problem in the event that things change last minute, or that there is a glitch in the software.

V4- Flexibility is another plus for Prezi over PPT. PPT operates linearly, that is, you can go back and forth but you have to follow a specific order. Prezi lets you follow a favorite format, letting you decide how exactly to present functional info. Like PPT, Prezi also allows to insert tables, graphs, and charts as well as pictures. In this case, traceability and readability may be more beneficial.

V5- PPT files are voluminous and sharing the file is nearly impossible to do by email. You would need to upload the PPT to Slideshare or another cloud. Prezi's benefit is that it stays in the cloud and can be shared by simply adding a link. There are private and public settings, and anyone can view the presentation.

V6- This is ultimately up to the presenters. If they want a dynamic way to show otherwise boring documents, PREZI is the one for you. It takes getting used to it, but it is simple in the end. Some people find it too "juvenile" compared to how sterile overall PPT is. Yet, Prezi does have a number of templates that can be followed to enhance a presentation.

Therefore, while both tools are quite good as far as usability, the ultimate judge will have to be the presenter and his or her personality style of presentation.