Several of Truman Capote's stories feature heroines who have been described as both victims and dreamers. In what way does Buddy's friend fit this description in "A Christmas Memory"?  

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You are referring to "A Christmas Memory," where Buddy's friend is his elder cousin who is childlike in her approach to life.  She is surrounded by family members who tolerate her eccentric ways such as the annual tradition of making fruitcakes for total strangers. 

When Buddy goes to live with his mother's relatives in Alabama, he is closest to his cousin, who he calls friend.  She is really at the mercy of the other relatives who pay for the rent and food and other bills in the house.  She wants to spend time with Buddy, but the other family members frown on her spending so much time with the little boy.  She really loves Buddy, they have a special bond.

Friend is a dreamer because she makes fruitcakes every year when the weather gets cold and sends them to strangers, people she met once or who live outside Alabama.  She believes that if she sends them out of her state, she will make some kind of difference in the world.  She even sends one to the President of the United States. 

Clearly, she spends a great deal of time and all of her money to make the fruitcakes and mail them, it is an activity that seems like a waste of time to everyone, except Buddy and friend.

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