Sequence the steps Communists took to turn Russia into a centralized state dominated by a single party. if you could organize them in numeric order it would be better (1, 2, etc.).

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It sounds like you are doing an essay. This should be fun. 

1.  Created a revolution.

2.  The leadership formed with Lenin leading the group.

3.  The Bolsheviks kicked out the Mensheviks and disallowed them part in the party.  The Mensheviks were the more moderate of the two groups in the COmmunist party. 

4.  Lenin had a cult-like following.  Some scholars feel that this allowed him more power.

5.  At the death of Lenin, Stalin started purges that brought the Communist party in fear of him and brought more unity because of the fear of the party and Stalin's purges. 

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  • The October Revolution was the acquisition of state power by the Bolsheviks. The aim for this revolution was to take over power from the Tsar, nobles and aristocrats who had created an autocratic government. Afterward the revolution's power was distributed among the community councils (Soviet) that had been established to challenge the regime.
  • Elections and the establishment of a soviet state under Lenin: the Congress of Soviets elected government officials and established the Russian Socialite Federative Soviet Republic. Vladimir Lenin through his leadership of the revolution took the reins of the government with resistance from the Mensheviks.
  • Lenin’s leadership: Lenin based his leadership on Marxist theory and he was followed by very strong supporters who established the first socialist state.
  • Joseph Stalin: Stalin took over leadership, formalizing Lenin’s Marxist based ideology.

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