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In Chapter 9 of A Separate Peace, what could Finny and Brinker each symbolize?

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By chapter 9 of A Separate Peace , the Devon School is blanketed with snow and most of the boys have the winter blues. This is the chapter when Phineas creates and holds a Winter Carnival which includes sporting events. This really helps to activate the boys and boost morale. Brinker Hadley, as well as most of the boys, will graduate and promptly enlist in the war within a few months. Phineas used to be a part of this same group, but since he broke his leg a few months before, he may not be able to enlist, now. In order to compensate for his feelings of displacement, Phineas has concocted a theory that there isn't any war at all. These two boys, Finny and Brinker, represent two different attitudes or belief systems. Finny is individualistic, dynamic and a free-thinker. Brinker, on the other hand, is a conservative, patriotic, and law-abiding citizen. Finny disclaims the war, whereas Brinker embraces...

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