Sentence transformation. How can I make this sentence simpler? United we stand; divided we fall.

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"United we stand; divided we fall." 

  • In a simpler way: If we unite and work together, we will succeed; if we divide and act separately, we will fail.

The general meaning of this sentence:

If we unite, either physically or in purpose, we will be strong and safe and hold on to what we have. If we are divided in purpose or opinion, we will lose whatever advantages that we have.


  • Here is the history of the original sentence:

"United we stand; divided we fall" is a line from one of Aesop's Fables that is about a lion who tries to attack four oxen that graze in a certain field. These oxen are wary of the lion and whenever they see him, they turn so that from whichever direction he comes and approaches them, he will face the horns of at least one of them so they can make him run away.

Unfortunately, the oxen began to grumble among themselves and they later argue hotly. So, each ox goes off in a different direction to gaze. Then, when the lion sees them, he attacks them individually, and one by one, they are all killed.

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