The sentances and stanzas (and the whole poem!) are very short, blunt and direct. How does this connect with the subject of the poem?

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lmetcalf eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This short poem fragment does a magnificent job of conveying the strength and majesty of an eagle. The six lines suggest more than a prose paragraph might! Just as the eagle in the poem is solitary and strong, so is the language and syntax and structure of the poem, and that is how they connect. Just as the eagle does very little but is strong, so is the poem. The poet maximizes the poetic techniques he uses to make his point. The alliteration in the first line with the hard "c" of "clasps" "crag" "crooked" all suggest the strength of the eagle. The alliteration of the "l" in "lonely lands" adds emphasis to the solitary nature of the eagle on the cliff top. The word "azure" suggests a majestic or royal bright blue of the sky, much like a royal robe on a king. In the second stanza, the natural world is subservient to him as even the sea "crawls" and his dive off the cliff as he seeks his prey is compared to a thunderbolt, which is a common allusion to Zeus, chief god of the Greek gods.