In Sense and Sensibility, where do the Palmers live?

Expert Answers
mrshh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Mr. and Mrs. Palmer resided in Somersetshire, England in the novel Sense and Sensibility.  Somersetshire is located in southwest England, and today the county's name has been shortened and is simply called Somerset.  The Palmer home was located eighty miles from Barton Cottage, where the Dashwood family lived.

Mr. and Mrs. Palmer were a young couple who met the Dashwood family while dining at Barton Park.  Mrs. Palmer revealed where she and her husband lived when she spoke of Mr. Willoughby.  Mr. Willoughby lived near them in Somersetshire and they occasionally saw them there.  Mrs. Palmer said that they "'should have seen a great deal of him in Somersetshire, if it had not happened very unluckily that [they] should never have been in the country together.'"  She regretted that he did not spend more of his time in his Somersetshire home.  

The Palmer house was called Cleveland.  The house was "spacious, modern-built..., [and] situated on a sloping lawn."  It was located thirty miles from Willoughby's house.