As a senior manager in your company, request a system change. Give reasons for your request and explain the steps you intend to take if granted.

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There are a variety of reasons that would necessitate system changes within a company. The reasons may vary depending on the systems than require changes. Such systems include business process systems, information and technology systems and organizational systems. Generally and with regards to these different systems the reasons to institute change may be as follows:

Improve integration with other company systems to advance networking and communication.

Improve the quality and speed of management information.

Provide sufficient support to an increasing number of users in case the company is expanding.

Improve automation while reducing duplication and redundancy in processes.

The steps to follow when instituting these changes are as follows:

The first step would be to mobilize the key people and leaders whose employees or processes will be affected by the system changes.

The second step would be to plan for the changes by defining responsibilities and objectives for the changes.

The third step would be to support the change by empowering the employees to adapt to the change.

The final step would be to enhance both upward and downward communication to ensure successful implementation of the change.


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