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What are self-managed work teams?

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In building and sustaining a professional learning community that will successfully self-manage, multiple milestones must be met in order to engage members of various parts of the company.

The purpose of the professional learning community [PLC] must be clearly defined, and the expectations of its participants clearly outlined. Participants must see valuable learning opportunities for themselves as an outcome of their participation in the PLC; this applies to the facilitator as well.

Requirements for participation need to be defined. Once a regular calendar has been established, the format of work must be decided. Who will participate, and how, at each step of the observation and discussion process? What will be the protocol for group discussions and taking courses of action (or recommending courses of action)?

A process must also be put into place to assess and evaluate the work of the PLC, and then adjust the group’s goals, actions, and procedures to better address student learning outcomes.

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