Select two quotes from the novel To Sir, with Love that influences the children's behaviour towards their teacher and discuss the effect each quote has.

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jameadows eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Mr. Braithwaite decides to address his class in a respectful way to win their trust. He says to them:

"We're going to talk, you and I, but we'll be reasonable with each other. I would like you to listen to me without interrupting in any way, and when I'm through any one of you may say your piece without interruption from me" (72). 

Mr. Braithwaite's remarks have a positive effect on his class, as the students start paying attention to him. They realize that he is different than Mr. Hackman, their previous teacher, who treated them with disrespect and anger. Instead, Mr. Braithwaite lets them know that he is interested in what they have to say, but they have to treat him with respect, and he will treat them with respect. The students at Greenslade Secondary School have likely not been treated with much respect at home, and they are compelled to pay attention after Mr. Braithwaite's remarks.

A bit later, Braithwaite says the following to his class:

"Most of you will be leaving school within six months of so; that means that within a short while you will be embarked on the very adult business of earning a living. Bearing that in mind, I have decided that from now on you will be treated, not as children, but as young men and women, by me and by each other" (72). 

These remarks also have a positive effect on the class, as their teacher reminds them that they are not children anymore. His words have a maturing and sobering effect on the class, as the students realize that they are soon going to be required to have jobs. They realize that Mr. Braithwaite is being authentic with them and treating them like adults, and most of them respond as adults.