Select three elements (symbols, character analysis, theme, irony, and so on) of your myth/origin/creation story. Thank you if you can answer this one!

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This question depends on the creation story that you choose. In a college setting, I am sure that you can choose Genesis 1-3. Again keep in mind that for many people these chapters are not considered myth. If you look at these three chapters, there are so many points. Here are four:

First, this passage is ironic. Man is called to subdue all of creation and be lord over the animals and yet Adam and Eve listen to an animal - the serpent.

Second, this passage has another kind of irony. The serpent says that if Adam and Eve eat of the fruit of knowledge of good and evil, then their eyes will be open. The serpent was not completely lying. Their eyes were opened and they saw their nakedness. In other words, they saw the fall, something they did not want to see.

Third, there are many themes. One theme is blame-shifting. Adam blames Eve, and Eve blames the serpent. No one can take responsibility.

Fourth, this passage also speaks of a promise of life. Genesis 3:15 is a cryptic verse that speaks of the head of the serpent being crushed by the foot of a man who will be born from a woman. In light of this, death does not have final sway. There is hope.

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