Using the human relation/behavior management approach, think of an instance where you used this approach in your work, you might have applied the approach or you witnessed the approach. Why do you think it was the most appropriate approach to the situation?

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The Human Relations Approach is a decentralized management system that was first proposed in prototype form by Conrad and Poole (1998) as a response to the rigid business management models that had been applied to a myriad of different organizations. In a way that, at first seemed quite radical, the HRA proposes the placement of human resources in jobs, tasks, duties, and responsibilities that go hand in hand with their personality traits and what gives them the most pleasure to do. In not so many words, it is basically matching people to jobs so that the productivity can increase. Theoretically, this is the result that this application will bring.

This approach is best used for first time employees who are not particularly trained in a specific area, but show a talent and a want to learn more about it. If you come to think about it, this method is quite similar to the guilds and apprenticeships of centuries ago, where those who had salient talents would be placed in jobs where they would work hard and excel. It is no different with the HRA.

Therefore, in a work environment, the best time to apply the HRA approach is after conducting a performance-based analysis to determine whether productivity is optimal. If it is not, conduct a survey among the employees using an Inventory in which the employees would express their likes and dislikes of a particular aspect of their assigned duties.

Base the results of the inventory and re-assign or create new tasks or jobs where the employee would be most useful. The idea behind this intervention includes:

  • participatory decision-making- means that, since employees are not 100% in charge of their task, and actually enjoy performing it, they will be better problem solvers and decision makers, leaving management to deal with more important things.
  • decentralization- less hierarchy and red-taping means faster results and more flexible problem solving. It also may help improve the relationships between employees and management by creating a trusting, more equitable environment were all are important.
  • motivating employees- happy employees are hard-working and willing to go above and beyond their task out of the appreciation that they feel for what they feel to be fair and safe working conditions. This creates future leaders within groups who can help resolve more conflicts, solve more problems, and develop new plans.

Therefore, in a work environment where things are not going well, a quick satisfaction survey can help resolve why the productivity is so slow. When productivity is affected in business everything and anything should be considered to optimize it. If it means to re-visit tasks, jobs, and employee matching, then that is what needs to happen. The Inventory tool is the way to gather the data so that the HRA intervention can be put into place.

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