Select an author from the Literary 100 List or from the book. Compose a 5 source Annotated Bibliography in MLA formatting about the author.

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In this assignment, you are being asked to select an important author and compile an annotated bibliography in MLA format about the author. One good author to choose would be Homer. There are many secondary works available which discuss Homer. An ideal selection would include critics who have differing opinions about major points in Homeric studies. 

Some important recent books about Homer include:

Martin, Richard P. (1989). The Language of Heroes: Speech and Performance in the Iliad. This discusses how speeches within the Iliad function as performance in a manner that is parallel to how Homer himself "performs" the epic of the Trojan War. 

Kirk, Geoffrey Stephen (1976). Homer and the Oral Tradition: This is an important work that argues for a "monumental poet" within an oral tradition. 

Lord, Albert B. (2000). Mitchell, Stephen, ed. The Singer of Tales. This is a classic statement of the pure oralist approach to Homer, showing parallels with the Slavic guslar tradition.

Powell, Barry B. (1991). Homer and the Origin of the Greek Alphabet. Powell actually argues for the Homeric epics as having a significant effect on the development of Greek literacy. 

The Cambridge Companion to Homer. (2004) Edited by Robert Fowler.  This essay collection brings together many different approaches to Homer. 

For MLA format, you begin with the name of the author, then the title of the book in italics, then the place of publication, the publisher, and finally the date of publication. 

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