Select a print advertisement that catches your attention and describe your perceptions about it (attention, interest, desire, action) that spur you toward a purchase.

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One advertisement from 2018 that attracted much attention is the Nike ad featuring Colin Kaepernick. The Seattle-based athletic wear company released print ads with the famous football player's face, rather than shoes or any specific product, as part of a campaign coinciding with the thirtieth anniversary of its famous "Just do it" slogan.

Another notable feature is that the photograph is just the athlete's face, and he looks not like a photoshopped model but like a real, imperfect person. In addition, the photograph is in black-and-white, which makes it stand out from the usual full color and gives it a timeless or classic quality rather than seeming forcedly contemporary. Both aspects signal the company is trying something different.

Also notable was Nike's new slogan, which matched the athlete's reputation for adhering to his principles, thus implying that the company does likewise. The ad text reads: "Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.”

Reactions were mixed, with some people and stores boycotting or destroying Nike products, while others accused Nike of exploiting the unsigned player. Others praised the company's risk-taking strategy.

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As a woman, nothing is as appealing as print ads for shoes. I love them (stereotypical, I know). The way the shoes look, the colors the ad shows and the styles (lately) are amazing. I simply cannot walk by a print ad for shoes without stopping and drooling.

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There are lots of ads for the iPhone 4 that show a person speaking to their phone, asking it things like "Where's the nearest gas station" and having it understand them and reply to them.  That makes me feel some amount of desire for such a thing because it would be useful in a practical way.

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