I saw a free registration thing on MySpace. Is it real?  it was about casting

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Be careful of any information that you see on the Internet. Although MySpace is a legitimate website, Spammers often use banner advertisements and pop-ups to gain access to your personal information. Clicking on these banners often take you to websites that have nothing to do with the advertisement. Most times if it sounds too good to be true, then it usually is.

Filming for New Moon began in early March 2009. Although there were some agencies that assisted Summit Entertainment in casting extras for the movie, all casting for the film has been completed. New Moon will be in theaters this November and filming is scheduled to be completed by this summer (most likely June).

The Twilight Saga is a great collection and it is no surprise that lots of fans want to be involved in the filming of the movie. Fortunately enough, there are two more books that might possibly be translated into films. For fans who have been "bitten" by the acting bug, this means two more opportunities to audition for extra roles.

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You should be really careful about things like this. People claim that there are castings and Especially if this involves money, be super careful. There are a lot of frauds going around and most times on a basis like this they collect money to scam people. Unless it is stated by a legit cast crew or by the writer themselves, do NOT put ANY information online or GO ANYWHERE without any full knowledge of it. Do not trust sites like this. 

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Be really careful of sites or agencies that claim casting for movies especially popular ones like this. The best thing for you to do is do your research and find out the direct sources from which summit cast most of their actors and extras through. I also think there are some reviews sights that can help with finding out if it's legit or not.