In Seedfolks, why was Gonzalo embarrassed by his father and uncle?

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Gonzalo is an eighth-grade student who immigrated from Guatemala. He mentions that two years after he moved to Cleveland he learned how to speak English. Gonzalo says his father worked in a kitchen with Mexicans and Salvadorans, which is why his English was worse than a kindergartener. His father refused to go to any store other than the local bodega and rarely talked to strangers because he didn't want them to hear his mistakes. Gonzalo's uncle, Tio Juan, spoke an Indian language and was not able to speak English. Tio Juan continually wandered around their home like a child. One day, Tio Juan left the home and discovered the lot on Gibb Street where people were planting their vegetables. Tio Juan used to be a farmer, and was happy to see the community garden. Gonzalo's mother told him to take Tio Juan to the garden to let him plant seeds. Gonzalo mentions that when he took his uncle to the lot he was hoping that none of his friends saw him.

Gonzalo is embarrassed by his father and uncle because they do not speak English. The language barrier makes it difficult for them to interact with others. Gonzalo realizes his family members will be viewed as strange because they seem lost and do not have the ability to communicate with the citizens of Cleveland. 

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