Seedfolks Questions and Answers
by Paul Fleischman

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In Seedfolks, what are Sae Young, Virgil, and Sam's physical appearances? What do we learn about these three?

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Paul Fleischman's novel Seedfolks is made up of thirteen character vignettes. Each character is connected by the building of a community garden in a vacant lot in their Cleveland, Ohio, neighborhood. 

Sam is the fifth character introduced in this novel. He is described as a seventy-eight-year-old Jewish white man. Here is a quote: "People see I'm friendly, no matter what they've heard about whites or Jews." No other physical description is given of him. Sae Young mentions him, but says only that he is American and smart. Sam is the healer in the garden. He is retired, and he claims his job now is smiling at others, being friendly, and "sewing up the rips in...

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