In Seedfolks, how did Curtis affect the garden and his community?

Expert Answers
gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Curtis, known throughout the community for his massive muscles, begins to plant tomatoes in the garden on Gibb Street as a way to apologize to his ex-girlfriend for cheating on her. Curtis's ex-girlfriend, Lateesha, "had a serious thing for tomatoes" and Curtis plants the tomatoes next to the sidewalk where she can see them from across the road. As the tomatoes start to grow, Curtis notices people began stealing them from the garden. Curtis then meets Royce, a fifteen-year-old boy who sleeps in the garden at night to avoid going home to an abusive father. Curtis befriends Royce, buys him breakfast and a new sleeping bag, then makes a deal with him. Curtis gives Royce a pitchfork to protect his tomatoes from people trying to steal them. As the novel progresses, other gardeners begin talking to Royce and trust him with weeding and watering their plants. As Royce's popularity grows, the families in the community hear about his situation and begin to bring him food. Curtis not only plants beautiful tomatoes in the garden, but also improves Royce's life by helping and trusting him. The community gardeners also benefit from Royce's hard work in the garden and his friendship.