In Seedfolks by Paul Fleischman, what does Ana assume about Kim when she sees her burying her seeds? How does Ana feel about digging up Kim’s beans?

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In Chapter 2, Ana sees a girl with dark hair digging into the ground behind an old refrigerator in the lot on Gibb Street. Ana used to be a secretary for the Police Department and immediately becomes suspicious. She thinks that the girl is burying drugs, money, or a gun. Ana mentions that she thought about calling the police but decided to investigate herself. When Ana walks behind the refrigerator and begins to dig in the same location, she ends up digging up the bean seeds that Kim planted. Ana is shocked and upset at herself for digging up Kim's beans. Ana mentions that she felt like she read the girl's secret diary and had ripped out a page without meaning to. She then replants the beans and fills the soil back over them.

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