In The Secret Life of Bees, what are some significant quotes that I should pay attention to?

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clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When reading and analyzing a novel, almost anything can be considered significant (or important), it just depends on the context you are exploring.

Instead of giving you a list of random quotes and page numbers, let me give you some guidelines for determining "significant quotes" when it comes to any novel.  First, you can study novels for certain themes, analyze different characters, or explore different elements of the author's style.  In order to find specific quotes to fit any of these things, you must read with them in mind.

Another way to explore significant quotes is through a more personal approach.  While reading, if a sentence or paragraph sticks out to you, write it down and explain why.  Perhaps you find yourself personally connecting to it for one reason or another.  Or, perhaps it reminds you of something you've seen or read before.  Many teachers will consider "significance" in the form of personal connections to be valid in the classroom.

Finally, in The Secret Life of Bees, each chapter opens with a quote.  These chapter headings are significant in themselves in many ways.  Not only do they serve to foreshadow events in the chapter but they provide parallel connections between the plot and the scientific order of the life of bees.  These are a style devise used by the author to give a deeper sense of purpose to the book as a whole.

The link provided below will explain various themes of the novel, which would be a great place to start when searching for significant/relevant quotes.

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