in The Secret Life of Bees, what does the quote at the beginning of the chapter 14 mean?

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In the book The Secret Life of Bees, literally the quote means that a hive without a queen is a hive destined to die as the queen produces what is needed to live and continue reproducing.  The hive has no future unless a new queen can be produced, and when she is, the hive is now alive and has possibilities again.  Figuratively, think about what happens in Chapter 14.  This chapter is where T Ray shows up looking for Lily and Rosaleen, the ones who had left him.  His home had no queen bee nor workers to provide life and light and a future.  Yet, he realizes that Lily is better off where she is and will blossom like a beehive with a new queen.  So Lily settles in and blooms with the love and care of August who tells Lily, "We are enough."


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