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The Secret Garden is about a young girl called Mary Lennox who moves to Yorkshire after her parents die from cholera. Mary had always been a bitter and unhappy child, and at first her poor behavior continues at her uncle Alfred Craven's house. However, as he begins to appreciate her beautiful surroundings and the servant's tales of a secret garden, her mood begins to mellow, and she makes friends with a maid called Martha, a gardener called Ben, and even a red breasted robin. One day the robin shows her the hidden key to the secret garden and with the help of Dickon, she begins to cultivate it.

Later she is surprised to find she is sharing the house with her sick 12 year old cousin Colin who hasn't been outside for years. She raises his spirits with stories of her adventures and finally, with the aid of a wheelchair, shows him the secret garden—the garden his own mother had created. The story ends with Colin reuniting with his father.

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The Secret Garden is a children's book about a lonely young girl who discovers, as the title suggests, a secret garden. The girl, Mary Lennox, has been isolated by her parents, and sent to live in Yorkshire, England. Her parents then die, leaving her alone. She's at loose ends and pretty unhappy, then stumbles across a locked and neglected garden. She begins to restore it, and the garden becomes both a literal way and a symbolic way for her to grow and recover from her isolation. She eventually becomes close to Colin, another isolated youngster, and helps him "blossom" as well.

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