In the second paragraph, how did Jefferson try to show that actions taken have not been hasty?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jefferson's fundamental premise in the second section of his work is to outline the different grievances that the Colonists held against the British.  This section outlines in brutal detail the different actions that have been taken against the Colonists.  Each one represents a violation of economic, political, and/ or social rights.  In this section, a clear listing of grievances is evident.  Some of these include the denial of a right to trial by jury, or excessive taxation, or imposing military rule on Colonists.  In this section, there is not a hasty or emotional filled tirade of anger.  It is presented in a litigation fashion, listing the charges against England.  There is a feeling after listing so many grievances that these have been collected over time and with a thorough understanding of the relationship between the Colonists and England.  There is little to indicate there is haste in this decision.  It comes across as calculated and thorough.  It is not one that shows haste.  It is something that is presented in a thorough manner, seeking to make a clear case for Colonial independence.