In the second book, "New Moon", does Edward come back before the book ends or is he just in the beginning of the book? After Edward decides to leave, how long is it before he comes back?...

In the second book, "New Moon", does Edward come back before the book ends or is he just in the beginning of the book?

After Edward decides to leave, how long is it before he comes back? Do I have to wait until Eclipse to hear from him again?

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slchanmo1885 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Edward reappears in "New Moon," when there is a misunderstanding that prompts him to want to confront the Volturi to end his own existence. Alice sees a vision in which Edward commits suicide, which prompts her and Bella to go find him in Italy. Keep reading, there's plenty more about Edward towards the end of the book and in the following books!

zumba96 | Student

Edward leaves Bella in New Moon so she can be safe and away from the dangers of vampires. However, in the end Alice sees Bella jump off a cliff and thinks she kills herself which is when Edward decides to let everyone know he is a vampire so he can be killed. They reunite in the end though. 

udonbutterfly | Student

Edward is throughout the story however Edward in the flesh is only in the beginning of the story-- where he leaves her because of that whole Jasper wants to eat Bella ordeal-- and at the end where Bella goes to the Volturi to rescue him from killing himself. Any other sighting of Edward is a figment of Bella's imagination which she makes come to life when she endangers her own life.

twiheart | Student

Yes Edward reappears toward the end of the book. After a misunderstanding was made, Edward is left with the thought that Bella committed suicide. He is heartbroken and asks the Volturi to kill him. Meanwhile Alice is picking up Bella and getting in a plane to Volterra they save Edward

triste5 | Student

No you dont have to wai =]

Edward appers at the beginning of the book which you already know, and then after a while [a long one] he reappers! which is when the book becomes great again! lol

And if you havnt already read the book then boy are you going to hate Jacob in these book! I know I did and I cant speak for everyone, but plenty of the people I have to talk to HATE jacob during this book and most of the rest of it!

candnels | Student

Edward comes back for quite a few chapters, they are pretty intense with the volturi around.  Bella has a very close call with being a human and all, and by the movie trailer i just saw on E! news, the movie is not like the movie.

Technically he does come back,
Bella goes to him and tries to stop him from extincting himself.
But then they fly back to Forks together and he is back in his home and w/ bella

rsantiago | Student

In New Moon Edward leaves like in the beggining of the book because he thinks is better for Bella but he comes back befoe the book end because Bella goes to Italy to bring him back with her and prevent him from getting kill by the vulturini.

he comes back after bella and alice race to save his life because of a misunderstanding where he thinks Bella is dead and decides to kill himself too.

bekkygirl1 | Student

Edward returns in the end of New Moon, after a long and scary experience in Italy with Bella and Alice. Once home with his girlfriend, he asks Bella to marry him. Continue reading, there is a sneak peek in the back for Eclipse!

crissy14 | Student

Yes Edward comes back in whan there is a hug missunderstanding that makes him thank Balle is died.See he left for her and thanks she will be safer with him gone.But than this and that happed. So yes sorry if i gave anything away!Just keep reading you will love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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