secessioncan a community secede from a township and start there own town, and how can this be done

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Yes, this happens from time to time.  It depends on the laws of the state.  It is more common for a city to annex land, such as from an unincorporated county.  But cities do divide and become their own jurisdictions too.  Why they do this depends.  Sometimes it can be because the city grew too large, or because of a difference of opinion.

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Sometimes they can. I know of a particular example in the town I used to live near in NC. When I was in high school, the neighboring county decided to become a dry county (no alcohol). The local country club was appalled. (I should add that this country club was inside of a gated community. They had their own club, golf course, lots of houses, and other amenities within the gates.) They decided to succeed from the town and the county they were currently a part of. At the time, that made them the smallest town in the state not to mention the only town that was completed gated off. They kept their alcohol at the club house, but they lost a lot of privileges of being part of the larger town and county around them. I'm not exactly sure how they did it, or if they chose to stay that way. I do know it can happen.
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The answer to this is going to be different depending on the state in which you live.  Governments below the federal level are governed by state law.  State law determines when or if a community can detach itself from a higher level of government.  Perhaps if you could tell us where you live we could be of more help.

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so how would we go about getting this done in bristol township, bucks county Pa, the reason for this is simple, the council and school board are taxing us to death, we have our population is just under 10,000, an ample amount of residential properties and a good amount od commercial business within Croydon, also a national park and the Delaware river and a potential for much more growth 

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