Is The Seagull considered a political play?

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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One could certainly consider the play "The Seagull" a political play. The fact that a reader, or watcher, brings specific lenses through which they read texts, one could easily ascertain that a text is about anything which the reader deems important--or sometimes hidden.

The fact that Chekhov wrote "The Seagull" during a change in power in Russia, one could easily justify that he was alluding to political themes and underlying messages.

Having fled Moscow with his parents earlier in life, Chekhov was no stranger to political systems and the problems they produced. Therefore, a play, or text, about the desire for change speaks heavily to political systems given they, typically, are responsible for making changes on a larger and more prominent scale.

czdaub | Student

Thank you, in my research I found it fascinating that so much was happening as he wrote, and premiered this play. I feel he was super subtle if he did allude to the current situation of Russia.