Discuss how Scrooge has to learn the truth about himself before he can understand life in general.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Scrooge does have to learn the truth about the incorrect placement of stress on the values he holds dear.  He has to learn that what he used to believe and what he used to value is not as relevant as he originally thought.  It is here in which Scrooge has to learn about himself before he can understand life in general.  For Scrooge, the ghosts have to expose to him how the choices of values he emphasized were not as important as Scrooge initially thought.  This becomes the truth that he learns.  Scrooge believes that his stress on materialism, wealth, and minimizing human connections represents truth and the path that he must follow.  Yet, it is only through the ghosts showing him that such emphases do not bring about happiness does Scrooge recognize the truth.  His own emphases in life are shown to result in a lack of fulfillment and happiness. 

It is from this point that Scrooge is able to understands life, in general.  Scrooge recognizes that the lack of mourning for the miserly man is actually intended for him.  He recognizes that his own life is one that has to change.  It is something that has to result in something more than what it has been up to this point.  This understanding about life is something that only becomes clear to Scrooge when he recognizes the truth about his own choices.  When Scrooge understands the truth about himself and his own futility in choices, he begins to understand life, in general, and his place in it.

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