How are The Screwtape Letters an example of Christian beliefs and practice?

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thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Screwtape Letters are an example of Christian beliefs and practice because it tells a story of the fight between good and evil. According to the story, man is the prize of the conflict and both sides are actively involved in securing the human soul. In the story, Screwtape is a senior devil who attempted to guide his nephew, Wormwood, towards corrupting his first human. Screwtape wrote a number of letters to Wormwood about strategies that would help him secure the individual’s soul. Screwtape advised Wormwood to focus on using the “patient’s” emotions to turn him against God. Wormwood encountered an early challenge after the patient converted to Christianity. Screwtape informed his nephew to make the patient view other church members in contempt because of their individual weaknesses. The two tried out a variety of strategies against the patient but they failed. Eventually the patient was killed in a bombing during the war which sealed the victory for God because the patient remained true to his beliefs.