What is Scout's perspective on Boo Radley in Chapter Eight of To Kill a Mockingbird?  

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In Chapter 8, Scout is slightly perplexed but begins to view Boo Radley as a harmless individual. At the beginning of Chapter 7, Jem tells Scout that when he went back to the Radley yard, his pants were folded neatly and hemmed. Scout comments that somebody in the Radley house had to know Jem was coming back to retrieve them. At this moment, she is beginning to wonder if Boo Radley is really as bad as everyone says he is. Later on, Scout and Jem begin to receive gifts from the anonymous Boo Radley in the knothole of the tree in his front yard. Scout mentions that Jem was on the verge of telling her something significant but would change his mind at the last second.

Throughout Chapter 8, Scout and Jem are woken by their father in the middle of the night and watch Miss Maudie's house ablaze from the Radley front yard. The next morning, Atticus notices that Scout has a blanket wrapped around her. When Atticus tells her that she should thank Boo Radley, she nearly throws up. Jem holds out the blanket...

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